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Homeowner insurance protects your home and personal belongings against a loss due to fire, wind/hail, theft plus many other risks.Liability protection is included to protect you and your family if someone is accidentally injured or property  is damaged. Customize your homeowner policy with Service First Insurance to meet your needs.


Your car is an important part of your

daily life, so you need insurance that can

keep up with your needs. Listed are the basic descriptions of just some of the coverage available to you on your vehicle.


A Business Owners Policy (BOP) offers broad insurance coverage for small businesses (fewer than 100 employees and less than $5 million annual sales). A BOP can provide your business with property insurance, liability insurance, crime coverage and much more. There are BOPs for a variety of small businesses: Restaurants, Retail Stores, Offices, Lessor's Risk, Apartments, Technology Offices, Manufactures, Wholesalers and more.


"These guys are great. I have a "difficult to insure " property that other companies wanted to charge an arm and a leg to cover. Rene' has been great a seeking alternative solutions for me so that we could find the coverage that we needed. She even found new lower policies after we had insurance and helped us transfer to those new policies. I am, unfortunately, a round trip customer on this policy, meaning I had to make a claim when a tree hit the house. Service First was on top of that process from beginning to end and we got the home repaired without issues and were paid promptly. I give them my highest recommendation. Really nice people, and very good at what they do."

- Bill Schreiner

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Service First Insurance has it all for you in one place — from our office right here in Northern Virginia we serve the insurance needs of individuals, families, and businesses.  As an independent insurance agency we are able to offer competitive rates through a variety of companies to fit your needs. As insurance becomes increasingly complex, it is more important than ever to have an independent agent actively looking out for you and your family. We're here for you.

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