Got Water? | Main Water Shut Off Can Save You in a Pinch

Do you know where your main water shut off is? Odds are, you might not be sure which valve is which. You never know when disaster will strike, and for this reason SFI believes it is vital that all household members learn how to shut it off in case of an emergency (big or small!)...

Using bright main water shut off tags to label the main valve will help with easy identification for others. Remember to check if a special wrench is required for the valve as well.

Make sure to develop a household Emergency Action Plan.

Reasons to shut off main water valve:

1. During Plumbing Repairs

2. Leaking Toilet Pipes

3. Appliance Malfunction/Overflow

4. Interior Plumbing Leaks

5. Extended Leave From Home

6. Natural Disaster

When water leaks or a pipe breaks, quickly shutting off the water supply will save you money. After a natural disaster, this water will become a precious resource. Cracked lines can pollute your water supply. Shut off your water (and talk to authorities) until you know it's safe to drink.

Make sure to check the state the valve is in. Your valve could be rusted open, or might not close all the way.

- The SFI Team

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