Holiday Fire Safety You Might Not Be Doing...Don't Become A Statistic!

December 13, 2017




With the holidays quickly approaching, we know you've been working hard to decorate and prepare your home for family and friends. Gorgeous fireplaces, candles, trees, and lights...During this time of year, the risk of fire and other losses are increased. Truth be told, nearly 156,000 fires occur throughout the winter holiday season, causing 630 deaths, and 2,600 injuries. This means approximately $936 million in property damage.


Here at SFI we want you all to have the happiest holiday possible. For this reason we are sharing some helpful and easy ways you can prevent fires from starting this holiday season! 




-Properly dispose of fireplace ashes

-Get your chimney inspected

-Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors! 




-Never leave candles unattended. Be careful, never place near children or pets where they can get knocked down!

-Leave a two-foot circle of safety around all candles. Do not light too close to other decorations/things that can catch fire. 


Extension Cords + Holiday Lights 

-Don't overload extension cords or use indoor cords outside. 

-Turn lights off when sleeping, or away from home. 

-Keep cords our of reach of children/pets!

-Don't run cords under carpets. They can fay, or be pinched, causing a fire. 

-Never nail or staple cords or wiring. 

-Inspect ALL cords/holiday lights, looking for cracks or nicks. Always store them in dry attics or closets.  


Space Heaters 

-Don't use extension cords for your space heaters. 

-Check the circuit to make sure it can handle the added demand. 

-Don't leave space heaters unattended. When not in use, turn off and unplug! 



We wish you a happy holiday season, and we hope you will implement these tips into your every day for continued fire safety! 














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