Eyeing Storms This Hurricane Season

The Atlantic Hurricane season is among us... They typically start in June and go on until November, with the season's peak lasting from August until October! Although some are much more severe than others, it is always best to be prepared before the storm strikes.

Here are some ways you can be ready:

1. Insurance Coverage:

Call your local agent to make sure you're coverage will protect you for the unexpected. Once a storm commences, it is too late to review or make changes to the policy, until after the storm has passed.

2. Appliances:

Before the hurricane begins, make sure to unplug your appliances in preparation for power outages.

3. Alarms and Detectors:

Test your smoke and carbon detectors before the storm, to make sure they are working properly in the case of emergency.

4. Supplies:

Be prepared with the proper supplies. Make sure to have plenty of flashlights for the family, and do NOT use candles to light up your home in the case of a power outage. Have extra batteries on hand as well, along with bottled water, canned food and non-perishables.

5. Generator:

If you plan to use a power generator, have an electrician safely install it.

During the storm:

1. Stay Inside. Don't go outside to see the storm in action. It is too dangerous and the winds can be unpredictable.

2. Keep away from flood water. The water can be contaminated and contain dangerous objects.

3. If evacuated, return only when authorities allow you to do so.

We hope this post will prepare you for the unpredictable. For any questions regarding your currently policy, or for a free Insurance quote, give us a call at 540-349-4466!

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