Twister Truth: Will You Be Protected When Tornadoes Strike?

April 18, 2018


We are currently in the peak season for Tornadoes! As scary as it sounds, we never really know when a twister will hit until the day of. Tornado season lasts from March through June, and there is never enough time to prepare. You might not know this, but when a Tornado Warning has been put into effect nothing can be insured by an insurance agent. Once a Storm Watch begins, you must wait until after the storm has cleared to call your agency to get insurance. This goes for any storm or hurricane, not just Tornadoes.




If you are ever in a tornado, here are some safety tips to follow.


Tornado Safety Tips: 

-Stay away from doors, and windows.

-Find a safe room such as a basement or cellar

-If you are in a mobile home, find the nearest storm shelter. 

-If you are driving, take cover in the vehicle, buckle your seatbelt, and cover your head. 

-If you are outside with no near shelter, find the nearest ditch or lower level to the ground to lie down in. 


Tornadoes are unpredictable. Don't wait until it is too late...

For a free quote call SFI to find out how to be protected (540) 349-4466. 


Service First Insurance is committed to securing your American Dream! 










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