Christmas Trees Catch Fire | Safety Tips to Prevent Disaster

December 13, 2017

As Christmas day gets closer and closer, more and more live trees are being purchased and brought home. With their beauty and delicious scent, comes responsibility. 

Fresh trees are less likely to catch fire. Make sure to keep trees away from heat, fire sources, fireplaces, candles, and radiators. 


Here are some recommended ways to practice Christmas Tree Safety:


1. ALWAYS keep the live tree's base filled with water to avoid  dry out. A dry tree can catch fire in a matter of seconds! 


2. Throw out any damaged lights...Artificial trees have been known to catch fire as well due to faulty wiring, or half plugged in lights. 


3. Keep ALL candles away from the tree. Make sure to set up your tree in a well ventilated area. 


4. Turn your X-mas tree lights off before you go to bed each night! This is one of the easiest ways to prevent fires from starting over night. 


5. When shopping for a live tree, make sure it isn't already dead before leaving the lot! Check the needles, and make sure they don't fall off too easily. If they do, it's not safe to bring home. 


Once your tree begins to drop needles, it is time for your evergreen to go. Say goodbye until next year to avoid a fire. 




-Your friends at SFI 

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