Summer Tips to having the best Summer

June 13, 2016

 Hello Summer! Summer is officially here on June 20th and we have a couple tips to help you prepare...


1. Drink Water


Drink plenty of water and fuel your activities throughout the day. Stay healthy and hydrated!


2. Stay Shady


Limit your time in direct sunshine between the hours of 11am to 4pm. Always wear plenty of sunscreen (remember to re-apply throughout the day!) and a hat. Also remember to wear light colored clothing to stay cool.


3. Unplug and disconnect


Spend time away from electronics this summer. Its the only way you'll be stress-free. Ignore that iPhone, get off of your computer and go enjoy some good quality time outdoors. Find activities that make you exercise while having fun. 


4.Travel Smart


When traveling, pack lightly and efficiently. Always bring easy on-the-go snacks for the drive (such as granola bars), and plan activities that make you happy. Pack entertainment for your adventures, and plan ahead. Pack a camera. Set your mind to being positive, flexible, and subject to change.


5. Have fun


Don't forget to have fun. Make memories that will last a lifetime. 


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