Security Policy

SFI secures your data. At, the privacy and security of customer data is as important to us as it is to you. Procedural controls and data access controls protect your data from unauthorized access. 

Other things you can do to enhance your security whenever you are online include the following:

  • Use an Internet firewall (hardware or software).

  • Use current software and operating system versions; get updates and security patches regularly.

  • Use anti-virus software and download updates frequently.

  • Use your own PC.

  • Choose a hard-to-guess password (longer is better); change your password regularly; don't reuse passwords across websites.

  • Use strong encryption (256-bit preferred) available in the latest version of your browser.

  • When finished, logoff the website and close your browser.

  • For additional security, you can also clear your browser's cache and temporary Internet files.

Report a security vulnerability here: