Service First Insurance, A Relation Company



Homeowner insurance protects your home and personal belongings against a loss due to fire, wind/hail, theft plus many other risks. Liability protection is included to protect you and your family if someone is accidentally injured or property is damaged. Customize your homeowner policy with Service First Insurance to meet your needs.



Renters insurance protects your personal belongings, in the event of a fire, theft, vandalism or other unfortunate events. The policy offers personal liability coverage if someone is accidentally injured while in your home, or their property is damaged.

Personal Umbrella



A personal Umbrella policy protects you and your family over your other personal liability policies. Giving you a Peace of Mind, in the event of a lawsuit. An umbrella is written to protect you if you are held liable for a situation, such as someone injured on your property or an injury due to an accident involving your auto or boat.As well, the policy can help cover legal defense cost for a covered claim. 



A condominium insurance policy is different from a homeowner policy. It is designed to protect the interior and alterations of your condo unit, along with coverage for your personal belongings against fire, theft and vandalism losses.Personal liability coverage is included to provide protection for your family in the event of a lawsuit. The policy is affordable and lets you add special options to fit your insurance needs. 

Valuable Items



If you own valuable, rare or irreplaceable items, jewelry, silver, fine arts, etc., you may want to consider a stand alone Personal Articles Floater. If that special item is stolen, damaged or a loss the insurance policy would allow you to recover the item based on recent appraisal or bill of sale.