Your car is an important part of your daily life, so you need insurance that can keep up with your needs. Listed are the basic descriptions of just some of the coverage available to you on your vehicle.

Bodily Injury Liability

If you're responsible for an accident, BI pays for damages for other's injuries.

Property Liability

If you're responsible for an accident, PD pays for damages to other people's property. 

Medical Payments

If you or your passenger are hurt in an accident, or even injured as a pedestrian, the coverage will pay Medical Expenses. 

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist

UM covers bodily injury to you when caused by an accident, and the person who is legally responsible either has inadequate or no insurance. 

Collision Coverage

Pays for damage to your car when it collides with another car or object. 

Comprehensive Coverage 

Pays for damage to your car resulting from theft, fire, vandalism, hail, animal contact, or other covered causes. 

Recreational Vehicle


Protect your motorcycle with comprehensive insurance that meets your needs. Insurance plans offer coverage for liability, comprehensive, collision, custom parts and equipment, uninsured motorist and medical payments. Contact SFI to provide you with some expert advice, specialized coverages, competitive rates and a customized policy. Insure one of your small pleasures in life. 


Insurance is not required for your ATV but there are several situations where liability protection you have under other policies may not apply. Some states require insurance for ATVs operated on state-owned land and your homeowner policy may not protect you if you ride off your property. ATV insurance can fill in these gaps and will reimburse you if your ATV is stolen or badly damaged. ATV Insurance includes Liability, Medical Payments, Comprehensive and Collision coverage. 

Your RV is your home on wheels and requires special insurance. All RVs, from pop-ups to pushers, you'll want the best protection available with a competitive rate. Ask about the specialized insurance coverage for your RV, Total Loss Replacement, Replacement cost of personal property, Emergency Vacation Expense or even the Roadside Assistance. 

Antique, Classic and Customized Automobile

Classic cars come in all shapes and sizes, so each one deserves tailored protection. We share your dedication to caring for and protecting your special vehicle. Let us help you care for your classic car by providing the policy that is right for it and you.